Hope CBT

Why CBT?

CBT has been researched extensively and has demonstrated efficacy for a wide range of clinical problems.

The National Institute of Clinical Excellence ( NICE), Guidelines on the management of Anxiety Disorders, recommends : " If a psychological intervention is to be offered, then Cognitive Behavioural Therapy should be used and should be delivered by suitably trained ….people who can demonstrate that they adhere closely to empirically grounded treatment protocols". Whereas the vast majority of psychological treatments have little or no evidence supporting their effectiveness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has been extensively studied with demonstrated effectiveness for conditions where anxiety and/or depression is the main problem. "It is the most effective psychological treatment for moderate and severe depression and is as effective as anti depressants for many types of depression" (NICE ).

CBT has been shown to be effective when delivered in pure form by a competent psychotherapist.

 At Hope CBT Services you will be offered evidenced- based psychological treatment with demonstrated effectiveness, delivered by a competent, experienced practitioner, accredited by the BABCP.

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