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I can't put into words the difference having CBT has made to my life.

Before I met Chris, I was suffering with OCD and depression which resulted in my going into hospital for several weeks. I was not getting any relief from my intrusive thoughts or rituals and my psychiatrist referred me to Chris for CBT therapy.

Chris helped me to understand my problems and to make changes so that I could cope with the distressing thoughts.

My life before CBT was ruled by OCD and negative thoughts about being a failure. I no longer believe this and, if the thoughts pop in to my head, I now know how to deal with them so that they don't take over my life.

The main thing I have learned is to turn negative thoughts and emotions into more positive ones and appreciate all the good things in my life rather than worry about the bad things. I am now back at work and more hopeful about the future.

Mary Jane
I have suffered with Panic attacks for many years. I was referred to Chris by my GP because I was afraid to go out on my own.

I was worried about not being able to breathe properly and feared that I would die. I couldn't go into shops, church, lifts etc. in case I had a panic attack and I even started having them at home which terrified me.

I had 12 sessions of CBT with Chris and I no longer avoid going out or being alone in the house. I feel as though I could cope with most things now and I have even been on a train to London on my own.

I didn't really understand the impact the attack had on me until my GP referred me to Chris for trauma focused CBT. I couldn't stop reliving the attack and I couldn't cope. Whenever I saw a group of young lads I would 'fall apart' and I started avoiding going out on my own. I felt guilty about not doing more to prevent the attack because it was affecting my relationships and I couldn't sleep. I was given anti-depressants and sleeping tablets by my GP and I thought I was heading for admission to a psychiatric ward.

Chris helped me to understand that what I had experienced at the time of trauma had become associated with fear and led to avoidance. I learned to understand what was happening to me and how my brain was trying to be helpful by activating my 'flight' response every time I thought about the attack. With Chris's help, I was able to face what had happened using prolonged exposure therapy and ,although I was worried about doing this at first, the more I faced what had happened to me the more able I was to live with it. I used to worry that if I met people who asked me about the attack I would 'lose it' but now I can talk to them and not worry about 'cracking up'. I have started doing all the things I had stopped doing before the attack such as walking and now, when I think about the attack, I don't get anxious anymore.

I have suffered with recurrent severe depression for many years and I was reliant on anti-depressants. I lost my job and, after my marriage broke up, I just couldn't see any way out. I felt hopeless and considered 'ending it all'.

I had a great GP who referred me to Chris for CBT. At first I struggled with the therapy and I wondered if I would ever get 'better'. I had difficulty applying all the techniques because I could not concentrate. Chris helped me to understand that if I waited until I felt better before I tried to change I would never 'begin' to make the necessary changes. After a few sessions I started feeling better and I was surprised at how quickly my mood improved just by making a few simple changes.

I have had 2 courses of CBT and I now feel confident about dealing with setbacks and going back to work.

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